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The hands-on workshop is designed for Presales consultants responsible for understanding Dynamics 365 Marketing. Attendees will leave with expertise on how to create, connect and explore an optimized demo environment for new prospective customer scenarios.


  • Setup a demo environment.
  • Walk through the standard customer scenarios in Dynamics 365 Marketing.
  • Create Segments, Customer Journeys, inbound and outbound marketing assets and Marketing Events.
  • Explore Lead Scoring, A/B Testing, and embedded Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Connect Power BI, Customer Voice, Customer Insights and LinkedIn.
Topic/Lab Description Timing
[advance to]
Introduction Introductions, guidelines, and workshop expectations  
Lab #1 Create Segments 25:50
Lab #2 Create Emails, Forms, Newsletters 43:50
Lab #3 Create Customer Journeys 65:30
Lab #4 Create Marketing Events 75:40
Lab #5 Explore Lead Scoring 88:35
Lab #6 Explore A/B Testing 99:35
Lab #7 Explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) 108:20
Lab #8 Explore 3rd Party Apps 113:55
Lab #9 Connect Power BI 118:15
Lab #10 Connect Customer Voice (formerly Forms Pro) 126:10
Lab #11 Connect Customer Insights 139:00
Lab #12 Connect LinkedIn 146:15
Closing Closing Comments, Next Steps and Resources 159:15




  • Individuals responsible for demonstrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Workshop is targeted at technical, pre-sales professionals
  • Any Microsoft Partner with plans to add Dynamics 365 Marketing to their cloud offerings.
  • Any Microsoft Partner with no previous experience with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.


  1. Create a Customer Engagement + Office 365 trial tenant at
  2. From an in-private or incognito browser, create a Dynamics 365 Marketing trial account at (hint -use the Admin user from the trial account you created in step #1)
  3. A basic understanding of the expectations of a CMO and Marketer.
  4. Download and review the Partner Sales Playbook at
  5. (OPTIONAL) Complete Lab #1 and Lab #2 from Customer Insights in a Day workshop. In order to demonstrate the integration between Marketing and CI you will need access to a connected environment. If you do not have a current CI environment, don’t worry, you’ll be able to follow the demonstration.

    Craig Crescas
    Partner Technical Architect

    Speaker bio:
    The areas of business where I focus my energy and where I see have the greatest impact on a business is in sales coaching, partner enablement, seales excellence and delivering impactful and memorable presentations. Aspects of business development specifically when an organization expresses interest in adding new technologies to their product portfolios. And designing tools and programs to help organizations accelerate their practice building efforts while reducing cost of sales encompassing demo tools, ROI and paybook calculators and how to close opportunities via persuasive proposals.

    I began my career at Microsoft Corporation in 2000 and I truly enjoy forging positive partner and customer relationships and assisting Value Added Resellers/Partners in aligning strategic opportunities and solutions for their clients.