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In this online course, we will take a deep dive into Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). We will start by understanding the basics of Containers, container registries and different types of container offerings. We will then move to learning Kubernetes concepts and tools that we can use to manage Kubernetes cluster. We will move on to take a deep dive into Azure Kubernetes Services and Azure Container Instances (ACI), followed by storing, labelling, scaling and networking concepts. We will conclude the training by learning how we can implement security and governance as well as monitoring for AKS.


  • Securing data running on AKS
  • Integrating Azure Active Directory with AKS and managing access control using RBAC
  • Integrating AKS with Azure Security Center
  • Monitoring and logging techniques for container applications
  • Monitoring containerized application and ACI using Azure Application Insights, Log Analytics and Azure Monitor
  • Monitoring AKS with Continuous Cloud Optimization (CCO) Dashboards