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In this online deep dive course on Azure Sentinel, we will take a deep look into Azure Sentinel features, functionalities and architecture. You will also be able to gain insights into Correlation Rules, Threat intelligence, KQL and end-to-end SOC scenario. In addition, you will be able to understand how to investigate identity actions, perform threat hunting as well as the Best Practices for workspace design for Azure Sentinel.

This course will contain pre-recorded videos on Azure Sentinel. A Microsoft learning partner will be available during the course to answer chat Q&A. You can find these recordings and other security webinars here:


  • Introduction to Azure Sentinel
  • Data Connectors, Workbooks, Detecting Threats
  • Collections Overview
  • On-prem collections & Custom Connectors
  • Azure tenants, subscriptions, workspace
  • Multi-workspace Best Practice
  • Automation - Playbook use cases, development & walkthrough