Microsoft Research Webinar | Create human-centered AI with the Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit
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Create human-centered AI with the Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit

The tech industry is being called upon to develop and deploy AI technologies more responsibly. Yet many organizations that create AI technologies report being unprepared to address AI risks and failures.

To meet these challenges, Microsoft is striving to take a human-centered approach to AI, designing and building technologies that benefit people and society while also mitigating potential harms. This includes understanding human needs and using that insight to drive development decisions from beginning to end.

To assist AI practitioners in building human-centered AI, we are introducing the Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit, launching on July 19. This suite of tools spans the end-to-end product development lifecycle, providing support where AI practitioners have requested it.

In this webinar, join Saleema Amershi, Senior Principal Research Manager, and Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Aether Director of UX Research and RAI education, to learn how and when to use each tool in the HAX Toolkit to create human-centered AI.

Together, you’ll explore:

  • Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction – best practices for how AI systems should behave during user interactions that synthesize more than 20 years of guidance on this topic
  • The HAX Workbook – a tool to guide teams through planning and implementing human-AI interaction best practices
  • The HAX Design Patterns – a set of flexible solutions to recurring human-AI interaction problems
  • The HAX Playbook – an interactive tool for generating scenarios to test based on likely human-AI interaction failures

*This on-demand webinar features a previously recorded Q&A session and open captioning.

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