Microsoft Research Webinar |Data Visualization: Bridging the Gap Between Users and Information
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Data Visualization: Bridging the Gap Between Users and Information

With the explosion of data available today, finding effective ways for humans to interact with that data represents an enormous opportunity for researchers. At present, the ability to understand the nuances of visualizing data extends beyond simply interpreting data—we need to examine data from multiple perspectives to inform how we act on that data effectively. As tools to create data visualizations become more advanced, critical thinking about how to make and interpret these has greater implications for how messaging using data can impact our society.

In this webinar led by Microsoft researcher Dr. Steven Drucker, Partner Research Manager and manager of the Visualization and Interactive Data Analysis (VIDA) Group, learn how information visualization provides an interactive bridge between the raw data and the human user. You will gain an understanding of basic theory behind the visual representation of datasets and explore the ways that psychology impacts our interpretations of visually represented data. Dr. Drucker also gives introductory-level demonstrations on powerful tools that can help you impactfully visualize data. Finally, gain insight into some of the pitfalls of misrepresenting data, including P-hacking and datamining.

Together, you’ll explore:

  • Foundational theory and psychology of data visualization
  • Key high—and low—level processes including psychophysics and cognitive processing
  • Examples of multiple visual representations of data, ranging from job growth to real estate values
  • Open-source tools like SandDance, MorphCharts, and GAMUT that help clearly communicate data

Dr. Steven M. Drucker has over 30 years of experience in computer research and development focusing on graphics, interfaces, and information visualization. Currently, he is a Partner and Research Manager of the Visualization and Interactive Data Analysis (VIDA) group at Microsoft Research (MSR) that focuses on a human-centric approach to working with data. He is also an affiliate professor at the University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering Department (UW-CSE).

*This on-demand webinar features a previously recorded Q&A session and open captioning.