Exam Prep MB-220: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Event Description:

In this online course we will cover how to set up and manage Dynamics 365 Marketing instances, configure advanced settings, and review domain authentication, email best practices, and data protection. You will learn how to create and manage marketing content such as marketing forms, pages, and emails and how to tailor your messages to specific audiences through segmentation and build automated campaigns known as customer journeys. We’ll also discuss the key elements of the event module in the Marketing app including how to create events, manage sessions, speakers and logistics and more. We’ll end this course with the review of insights captured from contacts, leads, accounts, segments, and more. This course will also help you prepare for Exam MB 220.

This course is an Exam Prep training. It does not include practice test and is not an exam cram. Attendees should plan to accompany this course with hands-on experience before scheduling their exam.

  Time Zone in UTC Local Time details
Occurrence #1 04:00AM-06:00AM UTC 09:30AM Bangalore | 12:00PM Singapore | 03:00PM Sydney


MB-220: Configuring Marketing settings

27-Jan-2020 | 04:00AM - 06:00AM UTC

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MB-220: Manage segments and lists, manage marketing forms and pages

28-Jan-2020 | 04:00AM - 06:00AM UTC

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MB-220: Manage leads, Create and manage marketing emails

29-Jan-2020 | 04:00AM - 06:00AM UTC

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MB-220: Manage customer journeys, Manage events and webinars

30-Jan-2020 | 04:00AM - 06:00AM UTC

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MB-220: Configure and analyze customer responses

31-Jan-2020 | 04:00AM - 06:00AM UTC

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